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TS One Heat Press

The TS One is a manual heat press that utlises the swing away method, opening up the platen to create a large workspace for quick operation in total safety. The top and bottom plates are both adjustable, pressure is adjusted manually and the digital display allows you to electronically adjust both time and temperature. Along with these fantastic features another added benefit of the TS One is the interchangeable platen feature – allowing you to not only press flat garments but also press those with curves like caps, heels of shoes and so much more.

Power 2000 watt 

Voltage 220 volt 

Weight 46 kg 

Platen size 38 x 50 cm 

Max. temperature 220°C 

Other platens platens for caps 

platens 15 x 15 cm 

platens for shoes 

platens 38 x 10 cm 

platens 30 x 15 cm 

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