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Galaxy Shadow Box – EasyPattern

Out of This World

Did you know that Siser® also make patterned heat transfer vinyls? That’s right – they aren’t just known for their incredible colours – they also have a range of prints with Siser® EasyPatterns® Plus heat transfer vinyl. From mermaid scales and watercolour rainbows to tropical leaves and leopard prints, there’s something for everyone.

And when you think outside the box (or in this case, WITHIN the box), you can create some pretty cool effects with Siser® EasyPatterns® Plus. Such as, decorating a shadowbox with the Infinite Galaxy print.

Below is all you need to get you started.

Materials used:
* Cardstock
* Shadowbox frame
* Siser® EasyPatterns® Plus HTV
* Siser® EasyColor™ Mask

Tools used:
* Siser® EasyWeeder®
* Siser® Cutting Mat
* Siser® Juliet™ or Romeo™
* Siser® Heat Press or an iron
* Heat Transfer Sheet or baking paper

The first step is to cut your Siser® EasyPatterns® Plus HTV on either your Siser® Juliet™ or Romeo™ cutting machine. You can find the preset for it under Presets > Other > EasyPattern, but it always helps to do a test cut first just to make sure your settings and blade are correct.

You’ll also need to cut some cardstocks to use as a backing for the Siser® EasyPatterns® Plus HTV. Because cardstock doesn’t have a backing or a carrier sheet like vinyl, you’ll need to load it into your machine using one of the Siser® Cutting Mats. The Light Tack Mat is perfect for this, because it has enough adhesive to hold your cardstock or paper in place on the mat while cutting, but doesn’t have so much grip that you’ll tear your material when removing it from the mat. Don’t forget to switch your cut settings on your machine to Presets > Other > Cardstock.

Then it’s onto the fun part – weeding! Siser® EasyPatterns® Plus HTV is very lightweight, so once you’ve hooked it with your Siser® EasyWeeder®, it pulls away very smoothly and cleanly.

Before you can apply your Siser® EasyPatterns® Plus HTV to your cardstock, you’ll need to transfer to an EasyColor™ Mask sheet. Unlike most Siser® HTVs, EasyPatterns® Plus HTV has a backing sheet, not a carrier sheet, so you need to add an EasyColor™ Mask sheet as a protective barrier between your heat surface and your design to prevent it from melting. It’s super easy to apply – simply place it over the top of your design and then rub over the surface using a scraper tool, brayer, or squeegee to ensure it adheres properly. From there, flip it over and remove the backing sheet. If some of your design lifts, flip it back over and give it another good rub on the trouble area before trying again.

But once the EasyColor™ Mask sheet is applied, it’s time to apply your Siser® EasyPatterns® Plus HTV to your cardstock. Whether you’re using a Siser® Heat Press or an iron, cover your material with a Heat Transfer Sheet or baking paper and apply medium pressure for 10-15 seconds at 150°C. Siser® EasyPatterns® Plus HTV is hot peel heat transfer vinyl, meaning you can remove the EasyColour™ Mask sheet straight away. If the design lifts anywhere at all, put the EasyColour™ Mask sheet back in place and press for another 5-10 seconds.

And to create a fun 3D effect, apply strips of Siser® EasyPatterns® Plus HTV along the inside of the frame using an iron.

Now it’s time to put it all together inside the frame and create something out of this world! It’s great how the Siser® EasyPatterns® Plus HTV on the inside of the frame helps to create additional depth.

But if you’re wanting to apply Siser® EasyPatterns® Plus HTV to fabric, it’s recommended that you wait 24 hours after application for the first wash and machine wash warm or cold with mild detergent (liquid fabric softener not recommended). If you’re using a dryer, dry your garment on a normal dryer setting. Do not dry clean.

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