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Seasonal Umbrella – PS Extra

Siser-ing in the Rain

Umbrellas are one of the best things about the rainy season. They help keep you dry and add some colour to an otherwise dreary day. If only you could customise them.

Well now you can thanks to Siser® EasyWeed® Extra heat transfer vinyl! It’s been specially formulated to be transferred onto “difficult” textiles such as nylon, leather, and light silicon treated garments. Meaning now you can permanently decorate your umbrella without fear of melting it!

Below is all you need to get you started.

Materials used:
* An umbrella
* Siser® Heat Resistant Tape
* Siser® EasyWeed® Extra HTV

Tools used:
* Siser® EasyWeeder®
* Siser® Juliet™ or Romeo™
* Siser® Heat Press or an iron
* Heat Transfer Sheet or baking paper
* Heat resistant pillow

The first step is to cut your design on either your Siser® Juliet™ or Romeo™ machine. Because Siser® EasyWeed® Extra HTV has a carrier sheet, you can load it into your machine without the need for a Siser® Cutting Mat. Remember to load it shiny side down and to mirror your design in Leonardo™ Design Studio because it will be flipped over when it comes time to apply it to your umbrella. The cut settings for Siser® EasyWeed® Extra HTV are a force of 5-10 and a speed of 10 or you can use the EasyWeed® cut profile under Presets > HTV > EasyWeed®.

With your design cut, you can now get to weeding with your Siser® EasyWeeder®. Siser® EasyWeed® Extra HTV is lightweight, which means it pulls away easily and cleanly, even with intricate details! If your HTV is slow or resistant to weed, it’s possible that your environment is too cold, so pop it somewhere warm temporarily and watch how quickly it weeds. A great tip is to close your Siser® Heat Press for a few seconds, then open it, and put your vinyl on the base to warm it up.

Before applying the Siser® EasyWeed® Extra HTV to your umbrella, it’s recommended that you use a heat resistant pillow underneath, because the shape of the umbrella is uneven and the pillow will help to raise its surface up so that the Siser® EasyWeed® Extra HTV will apply evenly.

Whether you’re using a Siser® Heat Press or an iron, the next step is to secure your design in place with Siser® Heat Resistant Tape before covering it with a non-stick silicone sheet or a sheet of baking paper and pressing down for 10-15 seconds at 160ºC. Once applied, Siser® EasyWeed® Extra HTV is a hot or a cold peel heat transfer vinyl, meaning you can remove the carrier sheet straight away or wait until it’s cooled down to do so. If the design lifts anywhere at all, put the carrier sheet back in place and press for another 5-10 seconds.

The reason PS Extra is great for difficult textiles is because it has a specially formulated adhesive that helps it adhere better to surfaces that are sometimes resistant to regular HTV adhesives.

And now you have your own personalised umbrella to use the next time it rains!

But if you’re wanting to apply Siser® EasyWeed® Extra HTV to fabric that will be worn, it’s recommended that you wait 24 hours after application for the first wash and machine wash warm or cold with mild detergent (liquid fabric softener not recommended). If you’re using a dryer, dry your garment on a normal dryer setting. Do not dry clean.

Siser® EasyWeed® Extra HTV is available in a huge range of colours, so you’re sure to find one that works for the most difficult of materials.

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