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Top Five Features – Juliet

A Dazzling Jewel

The Siser® Juliet™ High-Definition Cutter is compact, but mighty! Whether you’re cutting fine detail or lengthy projects, she’s a cut above the rest. Featuring an elegant capsule design, this twelve inch cutting machine is sure to wow both hobbyist and professional crafters alike. Here are some of our top five favourite features.

1. Pinch Rollers

Seriously, these are a game changer, because it means you can both load and unload your materials from either the front or the back of the machine.

Simply pull the lever at the back to raise the rollers so you can feed your material in. Then once it’s in position, lower the rollers and you’re ready to cut.

Plus, the pinch rollers are adjustable. So if you have to cut on material that’s not as wide as a roll, you can just slide them over to fit.

And because the Juliet™ cuts up (meaning it feeds the material down as it cuts), it’s a lot more convenient to load a roll into the back and have it cut from the bottom edge than it is to feed it in from the front and try to figure out how much material you’ll need to load.

And – heaven forbid – if you should suffer a blackout, your material won’t be stuck in the machine. Just lower the lever and pull it out.

2. Cutting Without A Mat

This is SUCH a convenient feature when it comes to cutting vinyl. And this isn’t for any specific type of vinyl – it’s ANY vinyl with a carrier or a backing sheet.

The precision and force of the Juliet means it can do a kiss cut without carving through both layers. It’s so great to not have to constantly rely on a mat!

3. Test Cut Button

A complete game changer when it comes to determining your cut settings. Not sure if your cut settings are right for your material? Do a little test cut and find out without having to attempt a cut and waste a whole bunch of material!

Not happy with the test cut? Simply change your force and/or speed at the touch of button and try again!

Also, how cute is that little t-shirt shape?

4. Touch Screen

What’s not to love about being able to control the machine AT the machine without having to do it through a computer?

The touchscreen interface is very user-friendly and the sliding scales offer SO much range of control, not only when it comes to adjusting the force and the speed of your cut, but also when it comes to positioning your blade to start the cut. That’s right – with the Juliet, YOU choose where your cut begins!

Plus, the Preset menu takes the guesswork out of cutting by offering a range of pre-set settings for various Siser® materials. You can even create your own custom settings!

5. Live Camera

When it comes to print and cut projects, you don’t have to worry about alignment issues or wonky cuts with the Juliet™.

The live camera on the cutting head means the Juliet™ won’t cut without accurately scanning each registration mark.

And once each mark is successfully scanned, you’ll be amazed with how precisely it cuts.

With the freedom to create on your terms, the Juliet™ is so easy to use that it’s sure to become your go-to machine.

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