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Christmas Glasses – PSV

Make Your Christmas Mint

Christmas is, without a doubt, one of the most social times of the year, which means that hosting a gathering – whether it be a party or Christmas lunch – is inevitably on the cards. And what’s a gathering without a little theming?

Siser® has you covered with EasyPSV® Starling™ – a permanent pressure sensitive vinyl by Avery Dennison® that comes in a huge range of colours and adheres to a myriad of surfaces such as glass, mirror, metal, ceramic, windows, and more! Meaning you can decorate everything from dinnerware to glasses.

Below is all you need to get you started.

Materials used:

  • Your choice of crockery or drinkware
  • Siser® EasyPSV® Starling™
  • Transfer or Application Tape

Tools used:

  • Siser® EasyWeeder®
  • Siser® EasySqueegee®
  • Siser® Juliet™ or Romeo™
  • Siser® Cutting Mat

Whether you’re working with a Romeo™ or a Juliet™ cutting machine, knowing what settings to use is easy with the inbuilt cut presets. You’ll find the profile for EasyPSV® Starling™ under Presets > PSV > Starling. But if you’re not sure that the settings are quite right, it’s always smart to do a test cut on the edge of your vinyl first using the Test Cut button. The high quality of the EasyPSV® Starling™, paired with the cutting technology of your Siser® machine, means that you can make a highly intricate design that will be a breeze to both cut, weed, and transfer.

Speaking of weeding, once your cut is complete, it’s time to remove all of those unwanted excess pieces using your Siser® EasyWeeder®. A hot tip for weeding is to place your cut design onto a Siser® Cutting Mat so that the adhesive holds your design in place while you weed. It’s also really handy to use the rest of the mat to stick your weeded pieces to so they don’t go astray. It makes cleaning up a lot easier when all of the excess is in one place!

If you’re applying your design all the way around a curved surface like a round glass, it’s recommended that you either use a curved design or one that you can slice into sections and apply one at a time to ensure the design stays straight. A good way to check if your design will line up before you apply it, is to keep them on the backing paper and temporarily apply the sections to your object using blu-tac so that you can reposition or adjust your design if need be.

Once you’re ready to apply your design, place your application tape over the top of it and burnish it both front and back using your Siser® EasySqueegee®. Then flip it over and peel away the backing paper. From here, place your design onto the surface of your object, remembering to keep it as flat as possible so that the application goes on smoothly. It’s often best to apply the middle of the design first and then smooth it down from the centre outwards. Once your design is in place, burnish it with your squeegee to make sure it’s nice and secure – and to remove any air bubbles – then gently peel away the application tape. If any of the design starts to lift, simply burnish it again with your squeegee until it stays in place.

And there you have it! An easy and fun way to turn any simple gathering into a perfectly themed Christmas soiree.

But the best part? EasyPSV® Starling™ is dishwasher safe for up to 80 washes! So whether your design is on a plate or a glass, you can pop your crockery straight into the wash. Just be sure to leave your vinyl to cure for at least 72 hours before putting it in the dishwasher on the top rack. And not only is it durable indoors, but it can also withstand outdoor exposure to the elements like sun, rainwater, and even saltwater. That’s right sea lovers, you can even decorate a boat with EasyPSV® Starling™!

Cheers to that!

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