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I am a seasoned musician, ensemble director, educator, facilitator and resource creator with over 20 years of experience in the performing arts. I relish the adventure of freelancing, embracing the opportunity to continue exploring my creativity through a wide array of diverse projects. I find the experience of bringing people together through the universal language of rhythm and the power of music very rewarding.

I enjoy crafting as my ‘non-music’ creative pursuit and sharing this passion through creating personalised gifts and stickers for my family, friends and students.

1. What do you create?
I enjoy gifting and personalising, so most of my creations are inspired by these purposes. This ranges from personalised items using Heat Transfer Vinyl to add branding to t-shirts and equipment for my businesses/workshops/programs and making stickers for my students.

2. What started you on your crafting journey?
I have always enjoyed crafting – from cross-stitching to scrapbooking and jewellery making – I’ve tried them all! In 2020 I purchased my first craft cutting machine and I’ve never looked back – this is my favourite and the possibilities are endless.

3. What are the next steps for you in your crafting journey?
I would love to continue learning and creating as the technology continues to develop. I would love to continue sharing the magic of crafting with people who have yet to discover this amazing fun creative pursuit!

4. How did you become a Siser ANZ ambassador?
I purchased my Juliet machine early in 2023 as I wanted more precision with print and cut for my stickers. As it was so new on the market, I couldn’t find any demos or classes and I prefer to learn how to use new machines in person.

In March, a demo date in Brisbane popped up so I excitedly showed up and that’s where I met James (Siser ANZ Sales Director).

James invited me to consider becoming a Siser ANZ ambassador for Brisbane and I jumped on board after experiencing the power and magic of the Juliet cutting machine!

5. What is your favourite Siser product and why?
My favourite Siser product is the Easy-Color Printable Vinyl. Having tried so many printable HTV products before and failed with the ink running. This is by far the best product on the market if you want to print full-coloured images at home easily with any inkjet printer.

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