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I love all things in the crafting world, even quilling!! My real crafting journey started when I had kids. Before then I had always created with either my Mum or my Nan as they both sew. I always loves school projects growing up and making sure they looked amazing…the content maybe not so much but I always got good marks for the aesthetics of them!

When I had my first daughter, I decided to document her growing up by scrapbooking. It was such a awesome medium which made looking at photos so much more enjoyable. That’s when I brought my first cutter. I could cut my shapes and lettering on my machine, it was awesome. After putting my scrapbooking designs into a competition in the UK (where I was living) I was offered a place on a craft design team, where I created articles for mini magazines and projects. When I moved back to Australia I got a job as a demonstrator for a craft brand, then writing for a magazine publishing company. I loved creating projects for the magazines. I was given themes and had to think outside the box to create unique projects. I then went onto setting up an online design school for a design website and wrote up tutorial for cutting and craft machines that were on the market at the time.

During this time I also developed my love for cosplay. My kids love to dress up and I was happy to design and create for them. This then morphed into designing outfits for my Pugs for Halloween and Christmas every year! My love of craft and knowledge with cutters made me able to create all manner of amazing cosplay for my kids. Many a competition has been won over the years!

1. How do you stay motivated and creative when developing new crafting ideas and projects?
I love to think outside the box. When I get a new product, I always want to see how it works and if I can use it in a different way than it was intended. It excites me to keeps pushing a project or product to its limits, it keeps me thinking and I hope then to share that with everyone so they can create even more!

I also think my kids help me a great deal. They are both autistic so think differently to others and some of their ideas can be out there! I’ve always encourages them to write down their ideas or draw them and then I am given the drawings etc for me to try and create. A good example are the shoes I made for my oldest. She drew the design and pictures, then I worked out how I could use the materials I had to make it come to life. This pushes me as well to make the best possible projects.

2. What’s the most important thing to remember when using Heat Transfer Vinyl?
Don’t limit yourself to thinking heat transfer vinyl is just for fabric! Experiment, try it on new surfaces and always remember to read the instructions.

3. When & where did your crafting journey start?
I think my craft journey started as a child. My mum and my nan are very crafty, so it’s in my blood. I have such fond memories of my Nan teaching me how to cross stitch, do ribbon embroidery and cook, and of my mum showing me when she was sewing what she was doing. Mum also taught painting/folk art and I used to watch what she was creating in awe.

When I had kids, everything changed. I wanted to create for my girls, make sure they had the costumes they needed for school events. I started scrapbooking about their lives and then I started to want to work in the craft industry.

4. What advice do you have for aspiring crafting ambassadors who want to make a positive impact in the crafting community?
Don’t let what is trending in craft influence what YOU love to create. Trends come and go, but if you create what you love, it will show in your work and you will always enjoy what you create.

5. What is your favourite Siser product and why?
My favourite product is Siser Lumen heat transfer vinyl – and I’d say the new Aurora range is coming in a close second! Anything that glows in the dark can add so much to a project! Even if it’s just the eyes of an animal on a project, when the lights go out, it’s such an awesome surprise to see and adds another level to your design.

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