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Being creative is my jam! For as long as I can remember, I have been creative and it has become a huge part of my identity. Growing up, my parents were always working on projects and I learnt to do the same and developed lots of hobbies. I did Saturday morning art lessons and sewing lessons after school while all my friends played netball. Overtime I have developed my own style, I have learnt to embrace being a bit quirky, whilst also being confident in my own decisions.

As a mum of two kids, I always have opportunities to make fun things. I love finding a theme to work with then forming an idea and running with it, dreaming up all sorts of ideas for costumes, presents and works of art. I sew, paint, bake, tie-dye, create digital designs and love that all of these things can be enhanced with the help of my Siser Juliet.

1. How did you first get into crafting with Heat Transfer?
I bought my first cutting machine, to cut wool felt. It was a lot of trial and error and really was a tricky process. This made me think that cutting heat transfer vinyl would be the same. Fast forward a year or so, I purchased some cheap Heat Transfer Vinyl to play with. My first attempts honestly weren’t amazing. I found it relatively easy to cut, but fiddly to weed and tricky to press with my home Iron. I gave up and moved onto master the art of using adhesive vinyl. A year later, a friend asked me if I could make her a set of 12 hoodies with Heat Transfer Vinyl. I looked online for support and someone suggested trying Siser EasyWeed, which was a genuine game changer! It cut so well, was a joy to weed and was far more forgiving to press than any other vinyl I had tried. I made the hoodies for my friend and she was blown away.

2. What led you to discover Siser Products?
My failed attempts with cheap Heat Transfer Vinyl, led me to try Siser EasyWeed, but it wasn’t until I attended a Siser Open House that I discovered Juliet, Romeo, The Siser Heat Press and all of the amazing types of vinyl in the Siser range. When I unfolded the Siser Colour Chart for the first time, I was blown away by all the colours, weights and textures – I instantly started to imagine how I’d use them all. The friends who I was at the open house with, looked at me and said “This is your happy place, isn’t it?!” Fast forward a few months and I joined the Siser Ambassador team!

3. How do you plan for your projects?
I start every project by asking myself – Who am I making for? What is my theme and what materials do I have or need? How much time do I have to make it?

I collect lots of different blanks and love opshopping. I always keep an eye out for things that I can revamp or repurpose, so when it comes to making something special for someone, I have lots of options. It also helps me manage my time better. If I have supplies on hand, I’m less likely to leave my projects until the last minute.
I’m a big fan of using Pinterest to collect ideas, but I’m also conscious of being original and authentic so I enjoy spending time creating my own designs. When I’m short on time, I love that I have access to the range of designs in the Leonardo Design Studio and other online platforms that offer subscriptions to access design files.

4. Who do you make for?
I love making special things for my kids, family and friends. My kids are young and “Mum Made” things are still cool. I get to make lots of themed t-shirts for school dress up days and we work together to make things for their friends birthdays. At the moment I’m collecting lots of blank clothes for their summer wardrobes, including lots of white clothing to tie-dye together, then make them even more fun with Siser heat transfer vinyl.

When Christmas rolls around, my extended family can always expect a bundle of homemade goodies. I try really hard to not smother everyone with things that they feel obliged to keep, just because I made it. Sometimes less is more, last year’s highlight was personalised bottles of homemade tomato sauce.

5. What is your Favourite Siser product and why?
My favourite product changes all the time, but at the moment I am loving Twinkle heat transfer vinyl. I love that when it’s pressed, it is soft, flexible and almost gel-like. The colours are really bright and my kids prefer how it feels over the texture of glitter. It also looks great layered over Siser EasyWeed.

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