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I’ve always been crafty, from a very early age I was knitting and crocheting, I think I was 5 when my Grandad taught me to knit and around 10 when I was taught to crochet by my babysitter. There literally isn’t any craft I haven’t tried! I sort of fell into the world of cutting by accident, I had studied to be a Specialty Makeup Artist and started building my business but unfortunately, due to a genetic condition I had to change direction.

We had purchased a printing business for my husband to run, but he had lost interest very quickly, so with no other direction to go in I started learning how to use all the equipment we had sitting around. I had multiple cutting machines, a sublimation printer, a huge heat press, hat press, swing away press, mug presses and all the assorted materials to learn, and I had to do it on the fly, as the business was running. There were many late, late nights and lot’s of failures. To give you some idea, I had no idea you had to WELD text and our first venture into making a decal was a sticky, horrible disaster! You Tube was my best friend! My printing business ran very successfully for many years until COVID happened.

I then had to pivot, another cutting machine brand contacted me advising me that the Instructor course I had enquired about years earlier was now available online, so I signed up and started my teaching business. I learnt how to make YouTube videos and create content, which was right out of my comfort zone. I teach online and in person, in tutorials, I’ve written courses and I design SVG’s and every now and then I still get some orders from my printing business.

1. What types of products do you create using HTV?
I make a lot of items using Heat Transfer Vinyl, apart from the normal branded shirts and hats. I make personalised socks for weddings and events – boxers too! Socks can be tricky, but Siser EasyWeed makes it much simpler. I also use Heat Transfer Vinyl on cardstock and faux leather, personalising bows, wallets, purses, diaries – you name it! Cardstock and Heat Transfer Vinyl make a beautiful couple, fine writing and tiny embellishments can be easily done using Heat Transfer Vinyl and it is a great way to use up scraps.

2. Can you share a particularly memorable crafting-related success story or project that you’re proud of?
Although I work mainly with Heat Transfer Vinyl and Adhesive Vinyl, my passion is Papercraft. I love constructing intricate 3D projects. My favourite project that I’ve created is my Mad Hatters Hat. It is a combination of papercraft and mixed media. It has travelled to many craft shows and demos and is always a topic of conversation.

3. What are your favourite crafting techniques or mediums, and why do you enjoy working with them?
Just recently I have become very attached to sticker paper and making stickers and even magnets, probably because Print and Cut is just so easy on the Siser Cutting machines. It is an extension I guess of my paper crafting. I love introducing new techniques into the world of cutting. I use alcohol Inks on adhesive vinyl, cut a design with the Siser Juliet and create beautiful designs for canvas.

4. How did you become a Siser ANZ Ambassador?
My name was put forward by a local Siser reseller, they knew that I already had a background in teaching others how to use cutting machines and they knew that I had purchased a Siser Juliet when they were released. We have been working together for many years. I am ever so grateful to them, how often do you get a chance to combine two of your favourite things and craft and talk for a job?!

5. What is your favourite Siser product and why?
Hands down, it’s my Juliet Cutting Machine. When she arrived, she completely put my other cutting machine to shame. Things that my other machine wouldn’t or couldn’t do, Juliet made look so easy. I’m never afraid to take on new projects or new materials with Juliet!

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