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Hello beautiful crafters! My name is Lihini Morel. I am mother to three beautiful gems and an ex banker, turned in to craft enthusiast/entrepreneur. My life is full of creativity. I recently moved to Australia, from Sri Lanka.

I really my role as a Siser ANZ Ambassador as sharing my love for all things creative and learning so much about the Australian culture and way of life. 

1. What does crafting/ creating mean to you? 

Designing and creating gives me so much happiness and I find it very therapeutic. I have been an artist all my life and I absolutely love styling and creating with different types of vinyl, papers, boards and fabrics.  

2. What inspires your creations? 

A New Craft, A New Challenge! I am inspired by my kids & my appetite for creativity. As a mum of three, I get to celebrate wonderful occasions with my kids and every single time an opportunity arises, my inner “Crafty Mum” kicks into action and I dream up beautiful and unique projects.  

3.What type of products do you create using HTV? 

I’m also a big fan of creating personalised items. I love adding extra little details to my projects to enhance them and watch my materials turn into a masterpiece! I create clothing, books, soft toys, toy sacks and bag tags using HTV. I also create lot of personalised crafts with adhesive vinyl like – gift boxes, baubles, bottles, Key chain and balloons. 

4.What are your must-have accessories for using HTV?  I couldn’t create my projects without my Siser Weeding Tool and Tweezers, they give me the control and precision to complete my projects.  

5.What is your favourite Siser product and why? 

I am a big fan of the Siser Sublimation Pens! I love getting them out to create projects with kids. They are a fun and unique took for to use and every project is always unique.  

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