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I am Australian born but have lived for the last 30 years in America. My life in America was totally involved in Motor Racing. I am a trained Silk Painting Artist, that is what I do for relaxation. Several years ago, I came across alcohol inks and fell in love with the medium and techniques involved. I started learning about making jewellery with this technique, so I bought my first craft cutter to cut out shapes for jewellery. When my husband and I returned to Australia in 2020 we opened a business in Mount Barker SA. We started doing craft workshops making stencilled wood signs, so I bought a bigger cutter. I used my cutter so much that I became a licensed craft cutter instructor here in Australia. When I am not crafting, cutting or learning, I love to travel and I am still very much involved in Australian Motorsports.

1. How do Siser products fit into your business?
I use both Romeo and Juliet in my business for cutting vinyl stencils. I also use Romeo for drawing my sketch patterns for silk painting.

2. How did you become an ambassador for Siser?
When Juliet was first released, I recognised the quality of the cutter and pre-ordered one. My friend and associate Michele McDonald told me that she had heard that Siser were looking to set up an ambassador program of qualified users to be a part of the growing of the Siser brand in Australia. I sent the Siser ANZ team an email, had a phone interview, and the rest as they say is “how it all began!”

3. What is your favourite non-conventional way to use Siser products?
I use my Romeo to print/sketch my patterns for my silk paintings. I import my designs into the Leonardo Design Studio software and use the pen adapter to sketch my designs onto large pieces of paper.

4. You’re very passionate about the Siser products and community – why?
I love working with quality products. Because of my history in motor racing, I am very appreciative of precision machinery and products. That is the thing I love the most about Siser products. I also love being able to share my knowledge with people that are as eager to learn and share as I am.

5. What is your Favourite Siser product and why?
My favourite Siser product would have to be my Siser Juliet cutting machine. I often refer to Siser Juliet and Romeo as “the next generation” of cutter, but I also think that the Leonardo Design Studio software is so easy to use. I love creating things for Juliet. Siser EasyColor is another one of my favourites, there are no limits to what I can create with EasyColor and the fact that I can just use my own regular inkjet printer makes it wonderful.

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