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Easter Eggs – Stripflock

The Most Egg-cellent Material

Easter isn’t just about chocolate – it’s also about colour! And one of the most colourful Siser® ranges is Siser® StripFlock® Pro – a heat transfer vinyl with a lovely, soft suede texture to it. Why not use it to decorate some Easter eggs that can be used year after year?

Below is all you need to get you started.

Materials used:
* Papier mache eggs
* Siser® StripFlock® Pro HTV
* Paint (optional)
* Easter bonnet (optional)

Tools used:
* Siser® EasyWeeder®
* Siser® Juliet™ or Romeo™
* An iron

Because StripFlock® Pro a thicker material, it means you need to install your 60° blade into your Siser® Juliet™ or Romeo™ cutting machine.

To do that, simply removed the blade housing, press on the end to extend the blade, and carefully remove it before putting the blade end in its protective rubber stopper. Then insert the 60° blade into the housing and used a business card to check the depth and make sure it isn’t extended too far out of the housing before putting it back into the machine.

And with your material loaded, select Siser® StripFlock® Pro from the preset menu under Presets > Other > Stripflock. It’s always a good idea to give it a quick test cut to make sure that both your settings and your newly inserted blade are good to go. Remember to mirror your design in Leonardo™ Design Studio as you’ll be flipping in order to apply it to your eggs.

And once your design is cut, it’s time to weed with your Siser® EasyWeeder®. StripFlock® Pro is very fun to weed. It’s hard to describe, but it pulls away in a really satisfying fashion. Simply hook a corner and be amazed at how smoothly this thick HTV pulls away.

Now you can get to the fun part – decorating your eggs! For this project, papier mache eggs are preferred, because you need a base that’s able to withstand heat, which rules out polystyrene or plastic eggs. For a bit of variety, you can paint them before applying the StripFlock® Pro if you want to add more colour or cover up the papier mache.

To apply the StripFlock® Pro, use medium to firm pressure with your iron on medium temperature. The carrier sheet is best removed warm, so wait for it to cool down before attempting to remove it.

One of the amazing things about Siser® StripFlock® Pro is that it can be layered like most other Siser® HTVs, so you can criss cross or stack different colours to achieve different effects. Try another Siser® HTV over the top for a completely different look!

With your eggs all decorated, the only thing left is to hide them for the Easter egg hunt! This is such a fun and unique way to create long-lasting Easter eggs that kids will enjoy because of the soft texture of the Siser® StripFlock® Pro. And the great pop of colours means they won’t be too hard to find.

But if Easter egg hunts aren’t your thing, you can always take your newly decorated eggs and turn a wide brimmed hat into a fun Easter bonnet instead.

If you’re wanting to apply Siser® StripFlock® Pro HTV to fabric, it’s recommended that you wait 24 hours after application for the first wash and machine wash warm or cold with mild detergent (liquid fabric softener not recommended). If you’re using a dryer, dry your garment on a normal dryer setting. Do not dry clean.

Siser® StripFlock® Pro HTV is available in a range of 24 colours – including fluoros – so you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for your project.

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